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Each week, we scour the internet for all things indie MMO-related, so you don’t have to. This week, Zenith is set to give players a new starting experience, BitCraft shares more than just a picture, and Chimeraland continues to manager server density. And although I didn’t mention it for each specific game, it appears that several developers have declared November as Clean Up Our Discord Month, so be sure to check in on your favorite channels to see if there are any changes.There’s plenty of other stuff going on as well, so let’s quit wasting time and get started with this week’s Indie MMO Spotlight.

Aether Story

This weekly Dev update posted on the Phanxgames Discord mentions that the Phanxgiving Patch will be coming to Aether Story soon. Work is being done on the new class and talent system, and with the addition of two new team members, the intro revamp and additional world map features are getting some attention.


A new Twitter (where is your blue checkmark Clockwork Labs?) vignette teases one of my favorite survival activities – mining. There was also a new Letter from the Producer posted to the Clockwork Labs Medium page that gives some info on an upcoming playtest for the pre-alpha update 8.

Book of Travels

Update 0.22.5 went live on Tuesday. The update included some tweaks to vehicles (boats and trains) as well as a long list of bug fixes. 

Broken Ranks

Minor bugfix patch (4.22.1) was pushed to the servers on  Monday. And after some successful introductory tournaments for the Inter-Server Tournament League, the league schedule has been added to the arena.


The latest Chimeraland update was released on Thursday. While the patch added some new content, it also brought additional server merges to further consolidate the playerbase as the post-launch server populations continue to decline.

Cinderstone Online

With the Chapter 2 update delayed, the Cinderstone devs posted a new devblog to highlight what they are working on. The list of improvements include new character movement, new monsters, and an updated dungeon boss attack system.

The Cycle: Frontier

Patch 2.4.0 was released this week, bringing a plethora of bugfixes. The patch also brought back the Hunter Vision perk. The perk still isn’t working as intended and was quickly disabled once again due to potential exploits.

Dragon and Home

With the new update (1.0.31) that went live on Wednesday, players will now be able to explore the open sea in their very own sail boat.


Update V31 will be released on Monday, November 14th. Along with some new cosmetics and bugfixes, the patch will also include the groundwork for the Elethor Christmas Event that begins on November 24th.

Embers Adrift

A new update went live on Thursday. The patch notes cover the fix for a server side memory leak, as well as many other bug fixes and improvements.


Baker Server War 26 began on Wednesday. You can find the starting conditions here.

Fractured Online

Chapter 11 of the Council of Elysium will stream live on the gamigogames Twitch channel November 18th at 3pm EST. You can submit your questions on the #council-11-questsions channel in the Fractured Online Discord.

Gloria Victis

Weekly Update 341 is live. The update added an additional Valley of Death Tournament to each server, added in some improved wildlife models, and implemented a long list fo QoL and bug fixes.


We were treated to a dose of Profane lore this week. The Twitter thread tells the tale of An’tsieki and his search for the Temple of Acceptance.

Project X – Super Spatial

Developer Dazzle Rocks had teased a big reveal a few weeks ago, and this week we finally got to see it. Project X is now officially know as Super Spatial. More than that, Super Spatial is now in Open Beta, so anyone who was still waiting for a code to play can join up immediately.

Prosperous Universe

Development Log #360 is all about growing faction rep with the new headquarters upgrade contract. Well, that and all the stuff that Nick is working on.


The Ravendawn team has been hard at work since holding their successful Closed Beta a few weeks ago. You can read all about it in Deveoper Update #22.

Scars of Honor

If you didn’t get to participate in the October playtest, you can see some highlights in the Playtest Aftermovie that was posted this week.


Starkeepers’ November Development Update (#5) was posted this week. The post shares some background on a few of the devs and also covers how the team feels Starkeepers will fit into the MMO market and what they think makes it unique.


Along with the usual Weekly Dev Blog, David (CEO and Creative Director) posted a dev update on the Tatsu’s Lounge Discord. You can read the post on the announcements channel.

Villagers & Heroes

After a couple of weeks full of bugs and hotfixes, the Otter team believes they have resolved all (hopefully) of the recent issues. A recent post from Damon outlines what was going on, and Sara followed that up with a post covering compensation for everyone’s troubles.

Wild Terra 2: New Lands

Wild Terra 2 officially launched on Thursday. To celebrate, you can grab a copy on Steam for 10% off.

Zenith: The Last City

RamenVR announced a new Discord Referral Program this week. In other Zenith news, Legends Untold, the second major patch for Zenith since it launched, will go live on November 17th. The patch notes are full of new features like pets, creature catching and new dungeons. Included in the patch notes is a new roadmap that includes the Cyberninja, player housing, and at least two other undisclosed features.

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